Chatroulette Love Song: Viral Video — uR doin it Rite

Rune Iversen is a Danish guy who recently wrote a thesis on viral videos. After submitting his work, he decided to test if he could produce a successful viral video himself, using the principles he outlined in his thesis. He started working with a friend, Jeppe Vejs, and together they wrote the Chatroulette Love Song.

Indeed they were successful in producing a viral video. In just these past two days, the video was viewed almost 800,000 times on Youtube.

In an interview, Rune says that it took two and half months of preparations before shooting the video. It’s filmed in just one shot, and the set-up is completely genuine: The girl randomly came up on Chatroulette, and off they went.

The secret to making a successful viral video? “Make something that gives people a story that they feel. Make people happy, make sure your content is good,” Rune says.

It’s great to see people use the power of story in such a successful way. I’m pretty sure that marketers around the world will be going bananas for these guys’ talent.

Take the Time to Listen

Stories are best heard, and told, live. Still, this video, with story by Studs Terkel, is an inspiring and worthwhile reminder:

The Human Voice from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

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